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Terms & Conditions - Returns & Refunds - Delivery Policy

The following terms and condition apply when using the service provided by Nexgen Pharma.


  1. Pricing information is only supplied to licensed practitioner or individuals acting under the instruction of a licensed practitioner
  2. All transaction are conducted in australian dollars and all prices are quoted are provided ex-gst.
  3. Postage and shipping is additional.
  4. Price information are subject to change without notice.
  5. Any documentation supplied by Nexgen Pharma is educational and informative and for the use of licensed practitioners and must not be recirculated.  It is the property of the practitioner to which it has been supplied.  If you are not a licensed practitioner you must immediately destroy that document.
  6. Any information provided containing information about pharmaceutical extemporaneous combinations is not intended comprehensive guides outlining all the available combinations provided by the extemporaneous compounding service offered by NexGen Pharma.  The selection of ingredients, dosing, and instructions for use remain the sole discretion and responsibility of the prescribing practitioner.
  7. Any combinations of extemporaneous products and pharmaceutical ingredients are provided for informative purposes outlining the regularly requested combinations.  They are not veterinary chemicals products or active constituents for the purpose of the AGRICULTURAL AND VETERINARY CHEMICALS CODE ACT 1994 (Cth). Nor are they products for the purpose of the THERAPEUTIC GOODS ACT 1989 (Cth) Any combinations of pharmaceutical ingredients or extemporaneous pharmaceutical products are only prepared by or under the supervision of a pharmacist following receipt of a valid instruction or prescription from a duly registered  practitioner.
  8. The information contained on the this website is only intended as an informative guides.  Where it provides costing it is outlining the costs associated to combine pharmaceutical ingredients to produce an extemporaneous product suitable for use in the species to which is applies.
  9. Where finished presentations are provided they are INFORMATIVE ONLY.  It does not refer to any individual particular chemical product or particular  active constituents.  Similarly, it does not propose, or give notice of an intention to make use any active constituents or prepare any pharmaceutical products, or veterinary chemicals products without suitable authority from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).
  10. NexGen only supplies medications on a valid prescription or written order issued under the NSW Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 and NSW Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008  .  This advertisement constitutes an invitation to treat.  It does not constitute an offer to sell or otherwise supply any medication.  Any offer to purchase the listed medication will not be entertained unless accompanied by a compliant prescription.  Although acting under instructions of a practitioner for the preparation of extemporaneous products, NexGen may accept and reject any such offer to supply and sell with absolute discretion.
  11. Nexgen Pharma may ask for certain information about you or your animals or patients including information relevant to payment or personal health conditions.  We also may retain that information for our purposes to assist in providing you with the service offered by Nexgen Pharma.  Where this is done it is done in compliance with our obligations under the National Privacy Principles and in our capacity as specialised expert health care professionals.
  12. We do not sell, share, or rent your information to third parties.  When using the service offered by Nexgen Pharma, you consent to the sharing of information with qualified health care professionals purely in the course of their profession and for the purpose of providing you with products which are: safe; effective; and suitable.
  13. When purchasing from Nexgen Pharma the card details are transmitted through a secure server using eway.  Card data is not hosted by Nexgen Pharma after processing.  Card date is not retained by Nexgen Pharma.


  1. Please choose carefully. All sales are final.  Nexgen Pharma complies with all requirements set down in the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1964 (NSW) and Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008 (NSW).
  2. Refunds will be at the sole discretion of the Pharmacist-In-Charge (“PIC”) and issued and supplied in accordance witht the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
  3. The conditions apply to the return of medication to Nexgen Pharma.
  4. Where a return has been authorised in accordance with the legislation referred to above the item must be returned within 14 days to Nexgen Pharma by reply paid post.
  5. Nexgen Pharma reserves the right to vary condition 4 where it is deemed therapeutically justified.
  6. Gift cards, sale items, discounts and other promotional items offered are not eligible for refund or exchange
  7. If an item is deemed faulty by the PIC and a return and/or refund is authorised Nexgen Pharma reserves the right to replace the product in place of a refund.  Where deemed necessary such refunds and/or returns will be contingent on the concurrent issue and supply to Nexgen Pharma of a valid prescription.
  8. Where  a refund is authorised, it will be provided in accordance with the original mechanism of payment used to make payment for the goods subject to discretion of Nexgen Pharma on agreement between the parties.
  9. Where shipping costs have been incurred for the shipping of multiple products of which one product is sought for return and/or refund, Nexgen Pharma reserves the right to refuse to refund the shipping costs.
  10. Limitation of liability:Nexgen Pharma will endeavour to comply with all its obligations as a manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical products however, it accepts no contingent or concurrent liability for acts, or omissions connected with the use of its products, provisions of its service, of anything done by or on-behalf of the business by its servants, service providers and any one acting on behalf of Nexgen Pharma.


  1. Nexgen Pharma use Star Trek express shipping as our proferred supplier and we endeavour to ship all products within 24 hours of receipt subject to individual documented and advertised exclusions.  Shipping times are estimated from receipt of a valid prescription.
  2. Where Nexgean Pharma fails to comply with 1, it will offer a full refund of the cost.
  3. Nexgen Pharma reserves the right to refuse 2 where the reason for the failure to comply with 1 was not at the sole control of Nexgen Pharma or its agents.
  4. Nexgen Pharma ships by preferred arrangement using Star Trek courier service.
  5. Nexgen Pharma endeavours to provide the best pricing for shipping but prices will be subject to the size of the order and will be quoted prior to shipping the goods subject to meeting the requirement of article 1 above.
  6. Nexgen Pharma reserves the right to refuse the shipping of goods on the basis that payment has not been received
  7. Limitation of liability:where Nexgen Pharma has refused shipment of goods for whatever reason it does not accept liability for any harm that may occur or any costs associated with the failure to receive the medication within the advertised time frames
  8. Limitation of liability:where Nexgen Pharma has failed to ship of goods for whatever reason its liability will be limited to the purchase price of the goods that were requested.