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Compounding Pharmacy for Vets

NexGen Pharma is able to offer veterinarians access to both sterile and non-sterile medications. We can prepare various doses, flavours and forms to support the needs of each patient. Alternatively, we can provide our practitioners with rapid access to vital medication to support those emergency situations as they walk into the practice.

Our warehouse of active ingredients allows us to provide practitioners with previously unavailable medications. Veterinarians can also leverage our extensive network of suppliers and distributors, to gain access to medications not registered within Australia or discontinued by other commercial manufacturers.

A professional working on creating compounding medication for vets

Specialised Medications

Whether our clients require a specific dose, form or treatment solution we are able to compound a range of specialised medications. This includes difficult to find or discontinued medication, medication not registered in Australia or specific combinations/doses not easily accessible.

Flavoured compounding medication for vets

Flavoured Medications

Some medications can be difficult to administer to pets. This may be due to an unpleasant taste or a general dislike for taking medication. We offer an extensive range of flavours for a wide range of species to facilitate treatment acceptance and improve clinical results. Further information is available under the “Prescribing Medication- Flavours” tab.

transdermal compounding medication for vets

Transdermal Medications

NexGen Pharma is able to prepare a range of transdermal medications for certain formulas. Transdermal medications can be applied directly onto the animals’ skin as a non-invasive treatment solution. Ask our team if the prescribed medication can be compounded in a transdermal form.

*NexGen team is available to advise the prescribing veterinarians suitable flavours for each formulation.

Prescribers should include the following details while prescribing a compounded medication:

  • Patient’s details
  • Required drug and dosage
  • Form of dosage (e.g. transdermal, suspension, capsules etc.)
  • Period of treatment or quantity required
  • Signature of the prescriber

Veterinary prescriptions should also include:

  • The type of animal
  • The animal’s date of birth
  • The animal’s weight
  • The owner’s details (name and address)

Click here to download a NexGen Pharma’s prescription form for animal medications.

For enquiries or information regarding prescriptions please call our pharmacy team on 1300 217 386

For detailed information on the types of compounded medications available, click on the button below to request a copy of our price booklet