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Compounding Medication for Animals

Has your Veterinarian prescribed a compounded product?

Compounded medications are prescribed when over the counter options are not suitable. These medications may not be compatible with the veterinarian’s suggested treatment in terms of strength, dosage form, flavour, combination, package size or availability. As a result you may require compounded medication, which can be specialised and tailored to your needs.

How do you order your compounded medication?

After your veterinarian has prescribed compounded medication our team of pharmacists will process your script. We aim to fulfil our orders within 24 hours of receipt. This means your compounded medication will be delivered to the veterinary hospital within a few working days.

My animal doesn’t like the taste?

Similarly to humans, every animal has different taste preferences. NexGen Pharma offers an extensive range of flavours for various formulations and species. We are committed to working with our clients to optimise clinical outcomes and meet each patient’s individual needs.

We are prepared and experienced in areas such as:

  • Bitterness reduction
  • Taste masking
  • Flavours
  • Texture changes
  • Colour changes

If your pet is not accepting the current treatment, talk to your veterinarian or contact our team at NexGen Pharma to discuss possible changes to flavouring or dosage form.