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Posted in New Products on Feb 02, 2019



  • Generalised seizures (fits affecting most of the brain)
  • Epilesy of unknown cause
  • Reduce anxiety and fear associated with noise phobia

Mechanism of action The active substances imepitoin is an anti-epileptic and anxi-anxiety medicine. Epilepsy is caused by excessive electrical activity in the brain. Neurotransmitters such as GABA are chemicals that allow nerve cells to communicate with each other. By activating its receptions imepitoin increases GABA's effects and helps prevent seizures. Imepitoin has a weak blocking effect on calcium channels. These are pores which let calcium moves into the nerve cells allowing electrical impulses to be transmitted to the cells. This may be the mode of operations of Imepitoin.

It is believed the anti-anxiety effects are a consequence of their effects on GABA receptors


  1. For epilepsy 10mg/kg twice daily. If seizures are not adequately controlled after one week dose increases at 50% intervals too 30mg/kg
  2. For noise phobia 30mg/kg twice daily

Side Effects In epilepsy:

  • aaxia
  • voimiting
  • polyphagia
  • somnolence

In noise phobia

  • ataxia
  • apetite
  • lethargy


  • Impaired liver, kidney and heart function

Available dose forms

As a compounded product imepitoin can be supplied as :

  1. capsules
  2. suspension
  3. Oral pastes in prefilled syringes
  4. Chewable Treats
  5. Transdermal (although care should be taken as this route of administration is not supported by evidence)


  1. European Medicines Agency Pexion