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About Us


NexGen Pharma is an Australian owned and operated producer of custom-made pharmaceutical products. Our purpose built facility is located at Suite 135/7 Hoyle Avenue, Castle Hill in New South Wales Australia.

NexGen Pharma uses the most advanced technologies to provide its patients with the highest quality compounded products. We have positioned ourselves to be the leader at adopting first to market solutions and delivering flexibility to the practice of human and veterinary medicine. Through our ability to provide our patients with custom variations of standard and innovative products, we aim to set the benchmark for other compounding services.

At NexGen Pharma, we provide our services Australia-wide to ensure the accessibility of our products to every section of the medical industry. This includes not only the end-user at home, the specialists working in the hospital and the many local doctors and veterinarians across the country. But also, we cater to the rural and regional practitioners serving their community on the ground and the various medical challenges they face day-to-day.

We have embodied quality as a fundamental principle and our products go through a purpose developed quality management system to ensure they are reliably accurate, pure and free from microbial contamination. A comprehensive system of supplier monitoring and review ensures that only raw materials that adhere to world standards set down in the British Pharmacopeia and United States Pharmacopeia are used.

Our dogma of operation at NexGen is “best practice”. During our journey we have refined a series of processes and procedures, which ensure our ability to support your practice and your clients. We are more than a compounding pharmacy.  We are positioned to provide best practice support to the use of compounded medications

Frequently Asked Questions

Expiry dates for different medications may vary. BUD (beyond use dates) for compounded medicines is often short. Patients may consult with the pharmacy to ensure the specific expiry dates.
Prescriptions may generally be filled within 1-2 days, after the order has been placed with NexGen. However, prescriptions related to Cytotoxic may take longer to be filled as these medications are compounded on specific days of the week.

Prescribing veterinarians usually place prescriptions with NexGen. In the case that a repeat prescription has been issued by a prescriber, contact can be made with NexGen when the repeat is supposed to be filled.

We accept payments (in advance / prior to shipping) made via Amex, Master Card, Visa, Direct Debit and cheques.

NexGen may also be contacted by veterinarians, in order to set up an account.

To place orders, please refer to the ordering tab

Original prescription’s hard copy, which has been signed by the prescribing veterinarian must be received by NexGen within seven days after the order has been placed. Prescription received via fax, email or online ordering does not comprise an original prescription.